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Best-in-Class (2)

Claudia Jardinez Employee Spotlight for Roots Management Group

3 min read

Sales Success Stories with a Heart of Gold

Success stories often revolve around numbers and quotas in the world of sales. But what truly makes a salesperson exceptional is their commitment to making dreams come true for their clients. Claudia...

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3 min read

Tauvaga Ili: Shaping the Visionary Path at Roots Management Group

In the world of leadership, there are those who lead from the front and set the bar higher with each step. One such visionary at the heart of Roots Management Group is Tauvaga Ili, affectionately...

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Manufacture Housing Community

2 min read

The Vitality of Renters Insurance in Manufactured Housing Communities

As more and more people choose to live in Manufactured Housing Communities across the US, the companies providing services are starting to pay attention and focus on this type of housing.

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Benefits of having an in-house mh setting department

3 min read

5 Key Benefits of Having an In-House Home Setting and Purchasing Department

Roots Management Group increased its Home Setting and Purchasing Department by 5X. The Home Setting and Purchasing Department has become a vital pillar of the company's success. The team is led by...

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2 min read

Roots Launches Community Manager Certification Program: Empowering Frontline Excellence

Roots Management Group is on a transformative mission within the manufactured home industry, starting with each community it serves. Roots recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive...

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5 Key Components of Roots Operating Playbook

3 min read

Shipshape: The Five Key Components of Roots' Operating Playbook

Have you ever wondered where the phrase "Shipshape" comes from? Perhaps you've heard the saying "Shipshape and Bristol fashion." Back in the 18th Century, ships often tilted to their sides due to the...

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