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Real Estate

1 min read

Manufactured Home Financing with 21st Mortgage Corporation

April is Financial Literacy Month and what a terrific opportunity to educate ourselves on the myths around financing and how it impacts the purchase of a manufactured home.

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2 min read

The Environmental Benefits of Recycling in Manufactured Home Communities

As Earth Day is celebrated this week, it sparked a thought: What if we dedicated every day to environmental stewardship rather than just one? With environmental sustainability becoming ever more...

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2 min read

The Success Story of Hunters Mountain, Overcoming and Delivering

In the picturesque landscape of Troy, Alabama, nestled within the secluded beauty, lies a thriving community brought to life by the unwavering dedication of one remarkable individual: Shaniqua Adams....

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2 min read

Partnering for the American Dream: Triad Financial Services and Roots Management Group

Roots Management Group is working tirelessly to transform the dream of homeownership into a reality for countless renters within our communities. In collaboration with trusted partners like Triad...

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2 min read

Meet Rudy Mariscal: Fostering Community at Grand Missouri

In the heart of Grand Missouri, where the spirit of community thrives, there’s a member of our team who stands out with a personality full of warmth and dedication: Rudy Mariscal, the community...

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