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Welcome to Roots


Building Clean, Comfortable, and Safe Communities

Welcome to Roots


Building Clean, Comfortable, and Safe Communities


Bluegrass Meadow

Acquired in December 2018, this park encompasses 25.12 acres of land and contains the space for 154 manufactured home lots.


  • 10% Occupied
  • 16 resident-owned homes
  • No rental units


  • 94% occupied
  • 12 resident-owned homes
  • 140 new rental units
  • New mobile office
  • Electrical utility lines replaced
  • Sewer system repaired
  • Playground installed

Lakeside Landing

Acquired in early 2019, Lakeside was a neglected community in desperate need of repairs and attention. With 197 sites, more than a quarter were empty and many of the homes that remained were dilapidated.


  • 60% Occupancy
  • Fencing was rusted and broken
  • Beach was covered in debris and largely unusable
  • Empty Lots were covered in trash and dilapidated equipment
  • Inadequate lighting for safety
  • Multiple decaying homes
  • Overgrown vegetation


  • 90% Occupancy
  • 60 new 3-bed/2-bath homes added as rentals
  • Fencing replaced
  • Playground built
  • Beach was cleaned and made usable
  • Landscaping was updated
  • Office was renovated
  • Additional lighting and signage installed


Located in Flint Michigan, Birchwood was a beautiful but under-utilized community in an area in desperate need of affordable housing. At acquisition, less than 50% of the available lots were filled with homes.


  • 38% Occupancy
  • Decaying roads
  • No office
  • No amenities
  • No onsite management
  • Large quantity of vacant sites


  • 98% Occupancy
  • New office built
  • Full-time management and maintenance team hired
  • Landscaping refurbished
  • 45 new 3-bed/2-bath homes added as rentals
  • New playground

Building Thriving Communities from the Ground Up: The Roots Approach

At Roots, we believe that every individual deserves to live in a clean, comfortable, and safe community. When we acquire a new property, our first goal is to establish stability within the community and address the needs and concerns of its residents as quickly as possible. We recognize the importance of creating a sense of belonging and ensuring that the community becomes a place where residents can thrive.

Roots' Team Strategy to Increase Occupancy in Manufactured Homes

A Thorough and Efficient Strategy

Before we acquire a property, Roots employs a dedicated internal team who thoroughly examines the property and examines its potential needs down the road. By thoroughly inspecting the property before the acquisition, we are able to develop a well-informed and efficient strategy to maximize the property's potential and address all needs, whether they be immediate or long-term.

Roots Manufactured Housing Community Managers Being Trained

Transparency and Open Communication: Putting Residents First

One of our core values at Roots is transparency and open communication. We actively engage with residents, fostering an environment where their voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed promptly. By establishing strong lines of communication, we ensure that residents actively participate in shaping the future of their community and have a direct impact on the decisions that affect their daily lives.

A Roots' Team Member Acquiring a Property

Long-Term Potential: Beyond Buildings and Land

At Roots, our approach to property acquisition goes beyond just seeing a group of buildings or a piece of land. We view each property through a lens of long-term potential, recognizing that it is not only the physical space that matters but also the well-being...

One of Roots' Modern and Scenic Manufactured Housing Communities

Enhancing Aesthetics, Functionality, and Sustainability

After looking at the property, we identify opportunities for physical upgrades and renovations that can enhance the property's aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Our innovative model is to provide renovated infrastructure, experienced and well-trained community managers, and fully occupied revenue-producing housing. Our goal is to create a living space that not only meets the residents' immediate needs but also provides long-term value and enhances their overall quality of life.

Roots' Knowledgeable Community Managers Having Fun at our Training Summit

Building a Thriving Community Together

We believe that a thriving community goes beyond physical structures; it encompasses a sense of belonging, engagement, and support. We work to create opportunities for community-building activities, social events, and programs that promote connectivity and encourage residents to actively participate in shaping their community.

Join us at Roots as we build communities where residents can truly flourish. Together, let's create a place that feels like home from the moment you step through the door. Welcome to a brighter future with Roots.