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Revolutionizing Retirement: The Rise of Manufactured Home Communities

Revolutionizing Retirement: The Rise of Manufactured Home Communities

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Retirement—is traditionally viewed as a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of decades of hard work. But what if retirement could be more than just relaxation? What if it could be a vibrant, social, and fulfilling chapter of life? Enter Manufactured Home (MH) Communities—a modern solution revolutionizing retirement living across the United States. 

At Roots Management Group, we've advocated for and worked to redefine retirement living. With a portfolio of properties designed to cater to retirees' diverse needs and desires, we're proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. But what exactly makes MH communities such incredible options for retirees? We asked Roots Regional Manager Nicole Cowdrey for some insights into the reasons behind their growing popularity. 


"Affordable all-year living or perfect for your second home," says Cowdrey. Many residents love that they have a great sense of community, enjoy living with like-minded people, and can be as active as they want since each 55+ community has a wide range of activities. 

Let's take a look at the advantages Roots Management Group's Manufactured Housing Communities offer: 

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Location, Location, Location 

From the sun-drenched coasts of Florida to the picturesque landscapes of California, MH communities are strategically situated across the nation, offering retirees many options to choose from. Whether you're seeking year-round warmth or the changing seasons of a more temperate climate, there's a community suited to your preferences. 

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A Community Designed for Active Living 

Many of our MH communities are age-qualified 55+ neighborhoods, specially crafted to foster an environment of active and social retirement living. Gone are the days of isolation and boredom—our communities buzz with energy and vitality. From swimming pools to pickleball courts and workout facilities to sports courts, there's no shortage of amenities to keep residents engaged and entertained. Daily planned activities add an extra layer of excitement, ensuring something fun and social is always on the agenda. It's not just about passing the time; it's about forging connections, exploring new interests, and embracing the joy of shared experiences. 

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Low Maintenance, High-Quality Living 

We understand that one of the joys of retirement is leaving behind the burdens of home maintenance. That's why many of our MH communities offer comprehensive maintenance services, including snow removal and lawn care, to simplify the lives of our residents. But it's not just the exterior upkeep that's hassle-free—our homes are designed with low-maintenance living in mind. Constructed in a controlled factory environment, our homes undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure structural integrity and durability. With efficient layouts and modern design features, our homes minimize the need for extensive upkeep, allowing residents to focus on what truly matters: enjoying retirement to the fullest. 

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

Investing in a manufactured home offers more than a comfortable retirement lifestyle—it also provides peace of mind. All new manufactured homes come with warranties that cover structural defects and significant components, offering homeowners the assurance they need to relax and truly enjoy their golden years. 

We're committed to providing retirees with the ultimate retirement living experience. AARP published this article about Manufactured Housing as an Affordable Option for Older Adults.

Roots Management Group's diverse range of MH communities and our unwavering dedication to excellence make us proud to lead the charge in revolutionizing retirement living. Say goodbye to the stereotypes of retirement and hello to a new era of vibrancy, community, and endless possibilities.  CLICK HERE to see our offerings. 

Welcome home—to the future of retirement living. 

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