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Rally Together as One: A Reflection on Company Values

Rally Together as One: A Reflection on Company Values

In the ever-evolving business landscape, you must constantly evaluate your strategies, goals, and values for sustained success. At Roots Management Group, we live by Ship Shape, our Executive/Execution Accountability Plan. We also follow our company’s mission statement and core Values.

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As we enter 2024, we are thrilled to announce that we've already achieved a significant milestone aligning with our governing values. The Regional Manager's Summit in Dallas is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Bringing everyone together in one place, this summit provided a unique opportunity to truly Rally Together as One. 


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During a companywide meeting, Tom Stapley, the president of Roots Management Group, highlighted the summit as a fantastic opportunity. It served as a platform to unite everyone in one room, fostering a collective spirit to rally around company procedures and set new goals for 2024. The summit also provided a valuable chance to reinforce our long-term objectives, ensuring alignment and a shared vision among all team members. The three-day immersive Regional Managers summit brought our Regional Managers together nationwide. “We are striving to be a Best-in-Class manufactured housing operator, and in some areas, we are doing this right, and in some, we have work to do," says Tom Stapley, President of Roots Management Company.

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"The focus is on continuous improvement, aligning with the governing principle of rallying together". Adds Stapley. Roots' commitment to being a cohesive and top-notch operator is evident in initiatives like the Community Managers Summit held once a year in Arizona, where everyone gathers for two and a half days to come together and learn, connect, and work together as a team toward the common goal. We also have substantial investments of time and energy with our immersive online certification classes, training and continuing education courses with our Learning and Development (L&D) department.  

Tom Stapley asked the question "What does Rally Together as one mean to you?" which prompted insightful responses from various team members, each providing a unique perspective.

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Rick Tubaugh, reflected on the transformative period when Roots expanded in Florida from 9 to 44 properties. The challenge was to integrate the diverse teams into one cohesive unit. Tubaugh reflected on the bonding experience during a summit in Phoenix. "We were all together learning and bonding, and the unity was very clear at the end when the new employees created a cheer for Roots, and when we returned to Florida, the bonding experience was wonderful, fostering a sense of togetherness that continues to thrive. 

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Max McBride, says he can think of numerous examples but when he chooses one he knows that his team faces challenges head on, finding solutions as a team, rather than looking for the easy way out. “Whether it’s focusing on the budgeting process with asset management looking over every property and looking at the process, maximizing each thing one by one.” We Rally Together. 

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Annie Robertson, draws inspiration from Movies "Miracle" and "Boys in the Boat." She sees parallels in these narratives, where diverse individuals of various backgrounds and skill sets come together, set aside differences, and work towards a common goal. Annie reflects on Roots' ability to come together, citing the recent Regional Managers Summit as a testament to the company's unique ability to collaborate and achieve shared objectives. "We gathered everyone together and when we had an issue with a projector, we had people jumping in to help, and another team member kept the momentum going by grabbing her laptop to continue the conversation, it was so great to see everyone working together for a common goal, which was to maximize our time together and get the most out of three wonderful days together.  

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Tau Ili, with a keen interest in military history, relates the concept of rallying together to trust. Drawing from historical battles, he emphasizes that most casualties occur when a team breaks trust and loses formation. Tau sees trust and unity as the key to success, and he looks at the Roots team, especially those who have shared in this article as well as those he works with on various projects at any given time he knows that he can count on his "teammates" to stay together through thick and thin and bond as "units" that stay together until the very end.


Tom Stapley concludes by reflecting on and pointing out that most growth occurs during challenging times. And that you look back at those challenging times and remember who was with you and stood with you to see you through that challenge. Stapley says growth happens when people rally together. “As the leader of Roots Management Group, I aim to dive deep into our governing values and mission statement each month, ensuring that every team member feels supported and valued.” 


Rally Together as One encapsulates the spirit of collaboration, resilience, and shared growth within Roots Management Group. This allows our company to reinforce its commitment to being a cohesive and best-in-class operator driven by a collective effort to face challenges and celebrate successes together. 

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