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Honoring Our Veteran on Memorial Day: Heather Jones

Honoring Our Veteran on Memorial Day: Heather Jones

As we commemorate Memorial Day, Roots Management Group is proud to honor one of our own veterans, Heather Jones, whose remarkable service and dedication continue to inspire us every day.

Heather Jones - Nov 7 1

Heather's Journey with Roots Management Group

Heather Jones is our Accounts Payable Manager. Her passion for her work and commitment to our company's growth is evident in her words: 

"I love what I do. I have been with Roots Management for 9 years, and it has been fascinating to see the growth firsthand. My work is constantly evolving from only a handful of communities and six employees to 231 communities and over 1,000 employees. I love being a part of this progression. The bigger we get, the more we need efficiency and improving processes. What I love most is the tight community feel we have at Roots, especially with my team. I would do anything for them and feel they would do anything for me."

Heather's Military Service

Veteran Heather 1

Heather's path to success at Roots was significantly shaped by her distinguished military service. After high school, unsure of her next steps, she was inspired by a Navy commercial and decided to enlist. 

Heather left for basic training on December 3, 2003. Afterward, she attended Operations Specialist “A” School in Virginia and was then stationed on the USS John C. Stennis, an aircraft carrier out of Bremerton, WA. Over her five years on the Stennis, she completed three deployments as the ship’s Tactical Information Controller. Her exemplary performance earned her three Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medals, two Good Conduct Medals, a National Defense Service Medal, a Global War of Terrorism Service Medal, Surface Warfare Specialist insignia, and Aviation Warfare Specialist Insignia.

Following her sea duty, Heather became an instructor at the Pearl Harbor Center for Surface Combat Systems detachment. She taught the Pacific fleet Naval Surface Gunfire Support, Close-in Weapons Systems, Search and Rescue, Radar Navigation, and Surface-to-air Missile Systems there. During her three years as an instructor, she earned the title of Master Training Specialist.

Memorable Moments and Lasting Impact
One of Heather’s most memorable experiences in the Navy occurred during a mid-air incident involving two FA-18C aircraft. Heather, the only one with communication to the pilots, established data link architecture and emergency procedures that safely escorted the damaged aircraft back to base. Her decisive actions earned her a Letter of Commendation from the Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three.

Heather Jones Pic - Nov 7 1
A cherished photo of Heather with two others was taken during her reenlistment ceremony. The gentleman to her left is her Commanding Officer, and to the right is her proud father. This moment was especially significant as her dad was there to witness her commitment to serve another four years.

Heather’s military service not only shaped her professional skills but also brought immense personal fulfillment. She met her husband in the Navy and gave birth to her two children while stationed in Hawaii. Though she aspired to a 20-year career, her devotion to family led her to transition to civilian life after an honorable discharge on June 20, 2012.

Heather credits her military experience with instilling resilience, greatly contributing to her professional success at Roots Management Group. "The biggest lesson I have learned from my time in the military that has helped me progress professionally is resilience. Being resilient in the face of adversity gives you the tools to overcome any challenge."

On this Memorial Day, we honor Heather Jones and all veterans for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Heather’s story is a testament to the strength and resilience that define the spirit of our team at Roots Management Group. Thank you, Heather, for your service and for your continued commitment to excellence.

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