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Fostering Unity and Collaboration: Roots Management Group's Unforgettable Team Building Events

Fostering Unity and Collaboration: Roots Management Group's Unforgettable Team Building Events

At Roots Management Group, our dedication to success goes hand in hand with our commitment to building a strong, unified team. This year, we decided to break free from the confines of our office spaces and embark on a journey of team building across four of our corporate headquarters and remote team. The goal: to strengthen our bonds, enhance communication, and foster a culture of collaboration that extends far beyond our daily tasks. 

 Codi Jean, Director of Human Resources, shares, "We recognize and understand how busy everyone has been this year, so we wanted the team to step out of our office settings and busy day-to-day work and bring them together in a more relaxed environment." The carefully curated events in each state aimed to provide enjoyment and create opportunities for employees to work together, learn from one another, and build lasting connections. 

Utah and our remote teams opted for a Virtual Game Day, bringing together colleagues from various locations in a digital realm of fun and friendly competition. 

In Texas, the Addison office embraced the competitive spirit with a Corporate Field Day, where teams engaged in a variety of activities, from archery challenges to relay scrabble. The camaraderie reached new heights as teams vied for the trophy and bragging rights until the next year. 

Arizona witnessed a different kind of teamwork at the Spooky Slugfest softball tournament, where effective communication, a sense of belonging, and a solutions-focused mindset took center stage. The result? A victorious team (dressed as minions!) that demonstrated resilience and collaboration outside the office. 

 In Florida, our team building took on a compassionate twist with "Team Building for Tails" at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Tierra Simonsen, a Project Manager, shares her experience, highlighting the joy of meeting colleagues in person and the satisfaction of contributing to a meaningful cause. Crafting dog treats and spending time with furry friends added a delightful touch to the day and reinforced our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our professional roles. 

 “The team-building day was a perfect blend of personal connections, animal companionship, and community service. It strengthened our team bonds and left me with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the company's commitment to its employees and the community. _" 


Codi Jean said they were looking for true engagement opportunities "We tend to find ourselves running from meeting to meeting and not stopping to get to know each other outside of our job titles" The success of these events has inspired Roots Management Group to integrate regular team-building activities into our annual calendar. We're committed to providing diverse options, ensuring everyone finds an activity that resonates with them. 

Team building activities can have many positive effects on corporations, and these effects are particularly impactful for a company focused on providing affordable homes in communities. Here are some of the top benefits and how they directly impact us in the manufactured housing industry: 

Improved Communication: Enhanced communication skills are crucial in a corporation dedicated to providing homes, ensuring that all team members are on the same page regarding goals, strategies, and challenges. This also serves as a constant reminder that our residents are number one and that communicating about what they need, and desire is most important.  

Increased Collaboration: Collaborative activities foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members. This collaborative spirit can translate directly to the workplace, encouraging employees to work together efficiently toward common goals, such as providing safe, clean, and welcoming communities. 

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: 

Many team-building activities involve problem-solving challenges. At the Texas Corporate Field day relay teams of five had to find a way to transport a pipe with several holes in it to the other side of the field with as much water as possible. These types of activities help employees develop critical thinking skills and learn how to approach and solve problems collectively. We face similar challenges all the time, and realizing there is more than one way to get the water across the field in a pipe with a ton of holes in it- it's time to think outside the box and try whatever it takes to fill up that measuring cup on the other side.  


Strengthened Team Bonds: Team building activities create opportunities for employees to get to know each other on a personal level. This deeper understanding builds trust and strengthens the bonds between team members. This was needed while playing softball with teammates of all different abilities and skill levels, but with words of encouragement and providing a safe, collaborative environment people who haven’t played in years found their confidence up and they enjoyed themselves and spending time with each other not discussing work!  In a corporation providing affordable homes, a closely-knit team is essential for navigating the complex challenges associated with community development. 


Boosted Morale and Motivation: 

Participating in enjoyable and rewarding team activities can boost employee morale and motivation. This positive energy can carry over into the workplace, creating a more vibrant and engaged team.  A motivated workforce is crucial for a company dedicated to positively impacting communities through providing housing that people can afford and be proud of where they live and establish themselves in the community.  


Cultivation of a Positive Corporate Culture: 

Team building fosters a positive corporate culture that values collaboration, creativity, and mutual support. A positive culture is particularly important for a corporation focused on community development, as it sets the tone for how the company interacts with and contributes to the communities it serves. 


Increased Employee Satisfaction: 

Engaging in team-building activities contributes to a more positive and satisfying work environment. Satisfied employees are more likely to be dedicated and committed to the corporation's mission, including the goal of providing affordable homes in communities.  

Team building activities contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment, fostering the skills and attitudes necessary for a corporation, especially one focused on safe, clean, and welcoming communities. 

We passionately believe that a supportive, collaborative environment catalyzes innovation and success at Roots Management Group. These team-building events have been a testament to our dedication to fostering a workplace beyond tasks and titles, nurturing an environment where relationships flourish, and team spirit thrives. 

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