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Clayton® Homes Introduces the Future of Sustainable Living: The eBuilt™ Home

Clayton® Homes Introduces the Future of Sustainable Living: The eBuilt™ Home

Exciting times are upon us in the world of off-site built housing, as our valued manufacturer partner, Clayton, has taken a giant leap towards redefining affordability and long-term sustainability. In July of this year, Clayton introduced the revolutionary eBuilt home, a housing solution that is not only high-performing but also fully energy-efficient. What's even more astonishing is that this remarkable achievement comes at no additional cost to consumers. Let's dive into the details of this groundbreaking development. 

Zach Huneycutt, Business Development Manager-Communities at Clayton Home Building Group, shared some insights into the eBuilt home and its benefits. "This is one of the ways we're committed to making homeownership more attainable through reducing the operational costs of the home—with an estimated average of 40-50% annual utility savings," says Huneycutt. He explained how Clayton embarked on the journey to create the eBuilt home, realizing that it's the new way to build homes with long-term sustainability in mind, transforming their production processes to offer this option to consumers. 


 Commitment to Sustainability 

Clayton was already demonstrating its commitment to sustainable building by producing over 23,000 ENERGY STAR® homes in 2021-2022, making them the largest provider of ENERGY-STAR homes.  


In addition to making homeownership more accessible by reducing operational costs, Clayton's eBuilt home also addresses environmental concerns. Huneycutt points out, "US residential households are responsible for 20% of our country's carbon emissions. This supports our long-term vision and commitment to social responsibility." Today's consumers are more conscious of company values and standards and prefer brands that align with their beliefs. Clayton strives to keep its company values at the forefront of everything it does. 


A Shared Vision for Sustainability 

Roots Management Group shares the same values and mission to transform the industry. Molly Turner, Director of Environmental Social Governance at Roots Management Group, says, "Adding additional sustainability measures to off-site built homes is a great way to help residents' lower costs on utilities while also lowering their carbon footprint." Features like LED lighting and ENERGY STAR approved appliances not only enhance home longevity but also offer additional cost savings to residents. 

The eBuilt home comes equipped with a range of environmental features, including: 

HVAC Heat Pump: This system allows you to optimize energy usage based on your daily activities, reducing wastage during idle times. 

Insulated Doors: Enhanced insulation helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing energy consumption. 

Smart Thermostat: Efficiently manage your home's temperature and energy usage. 

Low-E Windows: These windows minimize heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable year-round. 

Sealed Duct System: Prevents energy loss through leaks in the ductwork. 

Whole-House Ventilation System: Ensures fresh air circulation while conserving energy. 

"At the end of the day, everyone can get behind saving money," Huneycutt concludes. The eBuilt home empowers homeowners to save on utility bills and contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Clayton’s introduction of the eBuilt home represents a significant milestone in the housing industry. By seamlessly integrating energy efficiency into their homes at no additional cost to consumers, Clayton is setting new standards for affordability and sustainability. This innovative approach aligns with the changing expectations of environmentally conscious consumers and demonstrates a shared commitment to a greener, more affordable future for all. 

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