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Peachtree Crossings
Manufactured Housing Community

All-Age Community
6521 Peachtree Blvd, Gardendale, AL 35071

(205) 631-0095

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About Peachtree Crossings MH Community:

Peachtree Crossings, an all-age manufactured home community with a clubhouse, RV storage, storage facilities (non-RV), and a swimming pool offers a fantastic living experience for individuals and families alike. The affordability of homes for both sale and rent makes it an attractive option for those seeking quality living without breaking the bank. The clubhouse is the perfect place to host social gatherings and community events, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

Additionally, the availability of RV storage and other storage facilities provides convenience and flexibility for homeowners. The swimming pool offers a refreshing retreat during hot summer days, perfect for relaxation and recreation. Overall, Peachtree Crossings combines affordability with a range of amenities, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for residents to call home.

Living in Peachtree Crossings offers a wide range of advantages, but so does residing in Gardendale, AL. Situated in the heart of Alabama, Gardendale provides a blend of southern charm, community spirit, and a plethora of recreational activities. Residents can enjoy exploring the natural beauty of Gardendale's Parks, which offers various facilities for sports, picnics, and outdoor fun. Additionally, the city hosts events like the Magnolia Festival, bringing visitors to celebrate local culture and entertainment.

Gardendale's proximity to Birmingham also provides access to cultural attractions, shopping centers, and dining options. For those seeking outdoor adventures, nearby attractions like Oak Mountain State Park offer hiking trails, fishing lakes, and camping sites. Gardendale truly embodies the best of southern living.

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Community Information:

Peachtree Crossings MH Community
6521 Peachtree Blvd, Gardendale, AL 35071

Community Manager:
(205) 631-0095
Veronica Likes, Roots MG

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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