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Desert Breeze
Manufactured Housing Community

All-Age Community
5344 South Park Avenue Tucson, AZ 85706

(520) 481-6600

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Desert Breeze Community  Aerial - 02
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Desert Breeze Community  Amenities - Office 01
Desert Breeze Community  Amenities - Office 02
Desert Breeze Community - Exterior MH 01
Desert Breeze Community - Exterior MH 02
Desert Breeze Community - Exterior MH 03
Desert Breeze Community Street View - 01
Desert Breeze Community Street View - 02
Desert Breeze Community Street View - 03
Desert Breeze Community Street View - 04
Desert Breeze Community Street View - 05

About Desert Breeze MH Community:

Desert Breeze is a fulfilling all-age manufactured housing community offering affordable homes and an active lifestyle. What sets Desert Breeze apart is the unique benefit of efficient and eco-friendly manufactured homes. Our community prioritizes making homeownership accessible without compromising quality.

Embrace a lifestyle where you can thrive at Desert Breeze, your affordable home destination with the added bonus of sustainable living. Enjoy the sense of community that comes with shared spaces for recreational activities while experiencing the comfort and cost-effectiveness of our homes. Make Desert Breeze your home, where you can experience the joy of community living and the satisfaction of owning an affordable home in a thriving environment.

Choosing to make Desert Breeze your home opens the door to the city of Tucson, Arizona, where the enchanting Sonoran Desert meets an urban lifestyle. Residents of Desert Breeze enjoy the benefits of affordable and eco-friendly manufactured homes and cultural activities. Explore the iconic Saguaro National Park, where towering cacti create a breathtaking landscape, or venture to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, combining a zoo, botanical garden, and natural history museum.

For those seeking artistic experiences, Tucson's downtown arts district boasts galleries, theaters, and the historic Fox Theatre. Delight in culinary adventures with Tucson's renowned gastronomic scene, from local Mexican restaurants to globally inspired cuisine. Tucson becomes not just a destination but a thriving community that complements the lifestyle offered at Desert Breeze.

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Community Information

Desert Breeze MH Community:
5344 South Park Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85706

Community Manager:
(520) 481-6600
Anaika Sierra, Roots MG

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Desert Breeze Resident Testimonials

Recommend this place safe and clean and the manager super kind and helpful she answers any question you have and recommend this place to live at
Andel Sierra
I highly recommend the trailer park Desert Breeze and the Office Manager is very helpful when it comes to any questions or concerns and very professional. Trailer park is very clean and safe environment.
Bianney Valenzuela