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Embracing Empowerment: How Roots Management Group Champions Growth

Embracing Empowerment: How Roots Management Group Champions Growth

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At Roots Management Group, our core value of "Empower Growth" is more than one principle; it's a commitment we live by daily.

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Empowering growth fosters an environment where our team members can thrive, develop their skills, and achieve personal and professional goals. To illustrate the significance of this core value, we've gathered insights from four of our dedicated employees, each offering their unique perspectives on what "Empower Growth" means to them.  

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Dan Roacho sees "Empower Growth" as an invitation to adopt a proactive and enthusiastic mindset.  “When I thought about empower growth, I appreciate the opportunity to have the mindset of 'we get to' vs. 'we have to.' Roots gives us the platform and the tools to help evolve, and I fall back on the idea that if you want something to be great, you can’t sit around and wait for it to happen—you have to make it happen. We serve blue-collar families and hardworking retirees and help them enjoy the fruits of their labor. We get to help our residents and grow within that. It’s selling homes, making collections, all the skills we have to learn and grow within our careers. Empowering growth inspires me to strive for excellence and use the power and the tools needed in each of our communities.” 


  Codi Jean 1 (4)

For Codi Jean, "Empower Growth" is her favorite core value, reflecting a culture of mentorship and collective success. "A lot of employees that we get to see grow and see numbers improve. Empowering growth—since year-to-date from today, we’ve had over 99 employees get promoted. Sometimes growth can be scary, but as we go through it, we can do this together. From my world in HR, we are trying to build better things to make our lives easier. We think the mentorship program is a wonderful opportunity for growth. The opportunity is there for all of us. We all really need each other to be a successful business. Empowering growth is building a work environment and organizational growth. It’s a direct result of a culture that promotes growth, helping people grow and expand.” 

  Susan Kreun (1)

Susan Kreun’s journey at Roots Management Group exemplifies personal and professional empowerment. “My personal experience—I’ve been with Roots for five years and received several promotions, now I’m an SVP. It’s a short time before transitioning to an SVP. I’ve experienced and witnessed personal empowerment. Growth is knowledge, a supportive environment, and open communication and transparency throughout the whole company—self-assessment, leadership style, empathy, and understanding to the world in general. We have empathy for our residents and vendors. The mentoring I’ve gotten here has been incredible. Building relationships in the industry and outside the industry is something I value each day when I come to work. I’ve grown as a leader. Take care of yourself—how does this impact your day at work when you're stressed? Use critical thinking and pursue growth opportunities to expand your education that is free to you. Update your skills, update your knowledge. This empowers growth one way or another. Be the best you that you can be!” 

   Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor recalls the collective learning and empowerment that has shaped her career. “Talking about empowered growth brings back a bunch of memories. Teachers who have provided technical skills and bosses who have helped me grow and feel empowered. I love to read—have you ever read Tina Fey's 'Bossy Pants' or Matthew McConaughey’s 'Greenlights'? Every woman who came to participate in those meetings, we would go over the pieces of chapters that worked and discuss what success looks like, how to talk to a difficult boss—no matter what we talked about, everyone had different career paths, and we came together to talk about tips for tackling difficult tasks and handling different situations. One takeaway is to surround yourself with people who can help and empower your growth.” 


Empowering growth is about the small things; it’s a mindset. It's the support we provide for each other and the encouragement to be our best selves.

Let's embrace the power of "Empower Growth" together and cultivate an environment where everyone can succeed and flourish. 

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