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A Day in the Life of Community Manager Gregg Kreun, Mesa Arizona

A Day in the Life of Community Manager Gregg Kreun, Mesa Arizona

In the heart of Mesa, Arizona, a dedicated professional plays a vital role at Roots Management Group.

Community Manager Gregg Kreun manages Parkhaven Estates, a 55+ community in Mesa, Arizona. As the face of Roots Management Group, Gregg maintains the community's cleanliness, safety, and overall welcoming environment. Donning many hats, from conflict resolution, leasing agreements, delinquency, marketing the property, managing staff, external contractors and balancing budgets, Kreun does it all with a smile.

Today, we invite you to step into the shoes of Gregg Kreun, a military veteran with a wealth of life experience, and see what a day at the office looks like for him.

Gregg Kreun embodies the dedication, hard work, and compassion that make great Community Managers.

"Being a Community Manager at Roots is about nurturing connections, fostering growth, and being the voice that represents our brand. It's not just a role; it's a passion for bringing people together and keeping our communities safe. Community Managers really are the front line of our company," says Codi Jean, Director of Human Resources.

These unsung heroes are essential to the vitality and prosperity of Roots Management Group's Communities.

A Morning of Responsibility and Preparation

Gregg's day begins early. The morning's tranquility provides the perfect setting for Gregg to prepare for the day's responsibilities. His first task is ensuring the community's safety, and inspecting the premises to identify and address potential hazards or concerns. "I check each vacant unit, making sure all of the lights work, the heat/ac and water." Kreun also checks all common areas and amenity's, the pool, dog park, and makes sure they are clean and ready for use. As the community's steward, he knows that the well-being of his community residents rests on his shoulders.

Fostering a Welcoming Environment

Once the safety checks are complete, Gregg focuses on creating a welcoming environment. He interacts with residents, listens to their concerns, and offers a friendly face to those in need. Gregg is the go-to person whether it's a simple chat over morning coffee or assisting with concerns.

Conflict Resolution and Communication

As a Roots Management Group Community Manager, Gregg wears another essential hat: conflict resolution. His experience as a military veteran has equipped him with invaluable communication and conflict management skills. He is often called upon to mediate disputes and ensure that disagreements within the community are resolved peacefully and amicably.

Marketing the Property

Kreun also takes on a vital role in marketing the property. He collaborates with Roots Management Group's marketing team to ensure that Parkhaven Estates is showcased to its fullest potential. His keen understanding of what makes the community special helps to attract new residents, ensuring that the community continues to thrive.

Managing External Contractors

The upkeep and maintenance of Parkhaven Estates require a coordinated effort. Gregg manages internal and external contractors who perform various tasks to keep the community in top shape. From landscaping to repair work, he ensures that the community remains a picturesque place to call home.

A Day of Fulfillment

Gregg Kreun juggles these varied responsibilities with grace and dedication as the day progresses. His commitment to the well-being of Parkhaven Estates and its residents is unwavering. Whether addressing safety concerns, fostering a sense of community, or managing external contractors and budgets, he does it all with a genuine smile and a passion for his work. "I enjoy helping people and working for Roots Management Group, which emphasizes family first, and they mean it."

Community managers like Gregg play a pivotal role in the vitality and prosperity of Roots Management Group's communities. Their dedication, hard work, and compassion are at the heart of our mission to create welcoming and thriving living environments for our residents.

If you share Gregg's passion for building communities and making a positive impact, consider a career with Roots Management Group. Your journey to a fulfilling and impactful career in community management begins here.

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